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★[014]★ h a u n t i n g || (dream/backdated 08/09/10)

[ The inside of Mt. Zaleho was the scene of the dream. A heavy air grasped and choked the surrounding premise. Her hands were clenched in tight fists, turning the knuckles white underneath the tainted white gloves. Her hair covered her face, and droplets of crystalline tears dripped onto the soil beneath.

What have I done? The thought emanated from her mind.


[ The name was uttered in so much sadness. Tear and Luke were close to him, holding his fragile form, his disintegrating form. He still looked at her with such gentleness in those green eyes, a small smile. ]

You don' watch over me...anymore...Anise.

[ That smile only made the pain much worse. ]

I'm sorry..Ion...I'm...sorry

[ The last of him was disappearing. She couldn't say anything she couldn't. ]

[ The last of the words were clearly inaudible and more tears poured. ]

[ ooc: so clearly very backdated due to my absence during the whole week. >< and yeah... hope that's fine >> ]
Tags: [tales of the abyss] anise tatlin
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