[039 | Action]

[A lot has happened in Elegy since his arrival. Between his attempts to keep true to his Guild and Master and failed missions, he... has grown fond of the city. He made his first friends and lost others. And then there's the mystery man.

The man in BLU has been on Venom's mind on and off since that night last summer. And now he's returned, leaving the assassin even more confused. The city definitely liked to play tricks on him. Finally, the wedding between two lovers brought together by fate. Perhaps he should keep an eye on it, just in case.

Venom sips his tea in front of Baroque'n Violin. He thinks about if he should train. Or perhaps a stroll around the city is in order.

What to do...]

BLEU 09| {Action, Accidental Voice]

 [All had seem to be going silent for the lost city of Elegy, people seemed to be disappearing one after another.  Perhaps it was in Spy's best interest to remain hidden for as long as he was, attempting to stay hidden in the shadows while everything around him went on.  It had always been his job to silently sulk in the shadows, remain consistently in the background unnoticed.  However as the population of Libretto slowly began to diminish Spy began to realize his presence, perhaps was more necessary then he understood.  He stepped out from one of the larger alcoves from the Hotel Mezzo, in the process his Tone shot on preparing to record audio.  He pressed a button on his wristwatch and slowly the sound of him revealing himself from his invisible cloak sounded as he looked around and saw the somewhat ghost like town free from the filters of his own ghost like presence.]

'ow dreadful, zeems like zeir are onlee zo many people left to watch. Non?
not among the living


((OOC: A follow-up to this conversation with Death the Kid, and thus a closed thread.))

[After she finishes talking to Kid, Sylvanas sets a deep pot of water on the stove and turns on the gas-flame. She knows her room is cold, compared to even the others in this building; temperature extremes hardly bother her, anymore. Perhaps this tiny source of heat will make her place more bearable. Was a child of Death Itself even effected by such things?

The displaced Banshee Queen gazes out her third-storey window at the street below, idly, searching for a thin young man wearing a black suit, with three white stripes in his hair.]
» Delighted « Baby you're a firework

038 || I look alive, I'm dead inside; My heart has holes and black blood flows || [ Video ]

 [The Tone switches on to begin filming a dim room. Someone is moving the camera but who is unclear. Anyone watching only has to look closely to see what this person wants them to see.  Along the wall in carmine are names. They have been written haphazardly and some are hard to make out. The largest ones are "George, Jim, Iceland, Peter, Misto, Feldspar" and following that are several other names in different sizes. "Lavi, Esther, Prussia, Lenalee" along with several other names are scrawled across the walls.

The device drops and bounces around until the one filming comes into view; it's Rose. Blood is flowing in tiny rivers down her arms and smeared all across her fingers. She's smiling but it's wrong. Her grin is far too wide and almost looks painful. Her eyes are foggy and unfocused as she stares at the wall she's been writing on. Without warning, she tilts her head back and lets out a chilling laugh and begins to ramble quietly in a voice that's not hers. It's low and throaty almost like she's growling.] 

Hahahahahaha! Everyone's gone... Gonegonegone. This city took them. I hate this city. Hatehatehate. Everyone leaves me. Everyone. Why does everyone leave me? What did I do? Oh. I'm a monster. Monstermonstermonster. No one wants to stay with a monster. No. Well, I'll show them. I'll show them all. I'll show this city for taking away everyone again. If I can't have those I love, no one can.

[Picking up a knife that was previously off-screen, Rose slices into her right arm. Crimson flows and she uses her opposite hand to write on free space on the wall "I'm coming for you, Elegy!" She picks up the Tone and faces the it towards this eerie message before laughing manically again and clicking the Tone off.]
so cold


[From the loud rustle and bump, the Tone turned on accidentally.]

...if you could tell me why your city summons people from other worlds, I would greatly appreciate it.

[Or did it? Sylvanas is clearly addressing someone else, who, from his accent, is an Elegy native.]

"This city...It likes to have a mind of its own, no? Before the train starting bringing all of you, it would let strong people go on vacation, but not for very long. The Maestro, she'd go a couple times. Always come back lookin' less than she should, you know?"

[It is hard to make out every word of his reply, but the Banshee Queen's come through clearly, her displeasure obvious.]

No, I don't. Enlighten me.

"All of us here having been hearin' the Harmony since we were born. Can't really picture a day without it, not 'less you count the Aubade which is all plenty of bad things. But the train, it took all the Libretto here on vacation and I think, just ol' Arco thinking here, it was testing to see if you Libretto hear it like we do."

I was not here during that time. Were the Libretto's reactions similar to this...Aubade?

"Some died. And they became Refrains, you know... like spirits still up an' walking around all proper like. Plenty more of us died than you Libretto though. So I think, that's what the Harmony was looking for. Wouldn't do no good if it sends you away and you just die somewhere else, see?"

[A pause.]

...You speak of the Harmony as though it has a mind of its own. Does it have a source?

[The man is clearly amused.] "Now something that's been debated around for a long time, longer even than the two Maestros been sittin' at the heads of their tables. The music, the clock... it's all tied together. Some people say it's in the river, but I don't know about that. Though the river did get some awful water when people were gettin' sick."

[Her voice turns velvety and, well, rather intimate, promising more than she would give.]

And what about you? What is your place in House Madrigal?...Why has your Maestro taken an interest in me?

[The audio fizzles out. However, a textual note from Sylvanas accompanies the post:]

Punish me if you dare.
ggrks ♬ There

Two ♡ [ Action | Accidental Video ] Iä! Iä! Cthulka Fhtagn!

[ The video flickers on to reveal dark rings trailing in a wavy line, then a popping noise as the Tone drops.

A cry of surprise. ]

What are you doing?  Hey--!

[ Shuffling noises, a glimpse of Luka's boot, and what looked like pink tentacles curling around the edge of the screen.  A squeak, more shuffling, some squishy noises for good measure...the screen going fuzzy in the struggle, then the feed blinks out. ]


[038 | Action / Video]

[After a bit of his nightly hustling training at De Capo's, Venom decides to visit someone. The last time he saw Danny, he was down from a mutual acquaintance going home. He hadn't seen him since. So before he returns home, he pays a visit to the Mezzo, where he notices a housekeeper cleaning out his room. He looks at the woman, who quietly walks out and leaves him alone.

Most of his friend's personal belongings are gone as well save for a bottle of whiskey. Venom puts his case down and pours himself a glass of the amber liquid. He sits down on the couch as the Tone clicks on. He's examining the liquor, as if he knows what's going to happen but doesn't exactly care.]

I hope you made it home safe, Mr. Ocean.

[He takes a sip, his face contorting when the whiskey burns his throat.]