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★[012]★ w o r k i n g | h a r d! || (accidental video)

Photobucket[ Everyone's lovable petite guardian seems to have found her way into a kitchen of sorts and seems to be making things away with them. At first you can't really see the petite girl, after a few minutes of the flour clearing up on screen, Anise seems to be rolling dough with flour on her nose and everywhere else on her clothes. ]

Almost got it~

[ Behind her a table there were pastries of many different kinds, and a giant cake in the middle that seemed to be in the midst of work. She wiped her hands on the apron and smiled cheerfully as she stopped rolling the dough and walking over to the cake decorating with fruits and frosting flowers. She seems to be engrossed in the task to notice that her Tone was running a full feed. After a few more minutes of the cake decorating, the cake was done, and she moved onto other things like the dough that she rolled out, now making cut little animal cuts when Anise giggles cheerfully as she's probably covered in more baking items and spices alike. ]

Hehehehehe ♥.
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